Advanced real world data completeness is needed for clinical research, and validation

Graticule focuses on advanced data sources such as clinical notes, images and non clinical data needed for translation into clinical use, research at scale, safety surveillance, regulatory approvals, and reimbursement

Life Sciences

: Accelerate research studies that would be too slow or unfeasible to execute without rapid access to relevant Real World Data.

Solution: Curated advanced data sets that extend existing data by including radiology images, unstructured notes, archived medical records, consumer behavior, and genomics. Graticule’s advanced Real World Data access offers multiple applications for Life Sciences including label expansion, drug re-positioning, acceleration of regulatory approvals, biomarker discovery and validation, early disease detection, rare disease identification and epidemiological studies.

Medical Devices

Opportunity: Medical device manufacturers are facing increasing, time-sensitive regulatory pressures in the European Union with expected changes in the US. Products will be excluded from markets without rapid action to meet these guidelines. Furthermore medical devices are increasingly becoming dependent on health information technology without visibility into medical practice including robotic surgery and remote monitoring applications.

Solution: Network of leading health system partners with device registries and extended patient data from EHR records can address imminent post market-surveillance requirements. This data can be extended to support biomarker discovery and algorithm training for product enhancements in the growing robotic surgery, drug-implant combinations, and connected device markets.

Artificial Intelligence and Diagnostics Companies

Opportunity: Artificial Intelligence companies often require geographic, and demographic diversity as well as observational data to enable model training, validation and regulatory approvals. Machine learning models require elements from unstructured free text data and data from multiple different modalities that are often difficult to acquire in order to establish predictive models with accuracy levels sufficient for approval, reimbursement, and use.

Solution: Our global health system partner network enables access to advanced datasets such as radiology images and unstructured notes from geographically and demographically diverse populations to support development and regulatory validation of AI algorithms.

Health Systems

Opportunity: Health systems have limited budgets to apply to data and analytics that could help diagnose and treat patients more effectively. Building a Real World Data Enterprise enables collaboration with industry partners to provide needed outside funding and expertise to improve data quality and to test new tools for patient care. Sponsors can support large scale research studies across sites, execute follow-on clinical trials, and build novel algorithms to identify rare diseases or treatment candidates.

Solution: Graticule works closely with research sponsors and AI companies with a continuously growing portfolio of opportunities. We partner with existing Health Information Technology infrastructure to leverage existing investments. Our research utilities and expert resources solve for de-identification, governance, and curation challenges. The impact is increased Real World Data and clinical trial studies, new algorithms to reduce the diagnostic odyssey for patients with treatable rare diseases, and a more mature analytic environment for patient care. Our integrated and collaborative approach can enable information opportunities to translate quickly into better care.