Real-World Evidence Solutions

A spin-out from a large scale health information exchange, Graticule has the rights to use the world’s largest imaging data set to power RWE studies, expand registries, and extend clinical trials.

  • Digital Rights  We obtain the rights and controls for use in studies.

  • Curation – We cleanse and normalize raw information into usable analytical formats.

  • Linking – We create the data sets you need to answer questions across multiple data sources.

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Why Imaging?

  • Imaging provides mature digital diagnostic tools for most diseases.
  • Innovations in AI are being applied directly to image analysis.
  • Radiology end-points transitioning from qualitative to quantitative.
  • Scale medical imaging data sets are finally feasible due to interoperability networks and associated digital rights.
  • Precision medicine approaches need imaging to find and confirm genetic biomarkers.
  • Exponential lowering of costs for imaging technology and storage are increasing volume and complexity of available data.
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Clinical Trial Solutions

  • Research Planning – Reviews of study consent and matching with EMPI overlap for study feasibility.

  • Data Aggregation – Collection and aggregation of pre-trial, trial esourcing, and post-trial data as patient records are stored on partner networks.

  • Analytical Support – Collaboratively formulate analysis plans and execute research projects.

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