Improve medicine by increasing use of real world data from complex sources such as imaging, pathology, voice, IoT, and EHR.


Supporting pharma, AI companies and medical device companies in the therapeutic areas of neurology, oncology, immunology and orthopedics.


Technology and talent to cleanse, normalize, curate, link, and integrate unstructured real world patient data to produce research studies and decision support.

Meet Our Team

Dan Poscover
Dan PoscoverCo-Founder and President
Healthcare entrepreneur and strategic advisor translating data, digital and innovation to biopharma, health systems and patient.

Former EVP of Strategy & Partnering at PatientsLikeMe. Established over $100M in pharma-patient data collaborations.

Dan Housman
Dan HousmanCo-Founder and CTO
Software start-up veteran with a demonstrated track record in health system analytics, real world evidence, and clinical trial optimization.

Grew Recombinant Data (bootstrap) to $15M annual revenue prior to acquisition then grew ConvergeHEALTH by Deloitte for past 6 years.

Falgun Chokshi, MD, MBA
Falgun Chokshi, MD, MBAGraticule Research Principal Investigator
-Health services research
-Leading multidisciplinary machine learning teams in healthcare
Education: Georgetown Biophysics, New York Medical College, Emory MBA
Roydon Price, Ph.D.
Roydon Price, Ph.D.Research Scientist
– LQT Therapeutics, Inc.
– RP Consulting
– Merck GHI Fund
– Syndax Pharmaceuticals
– Acylin Therapeutics
Education: Harvard University, Biological Chemistry Molecular Pharmacology

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