Trust is the root of medical research

We are committed to solving the hard problems in medicine by anticipating and fulfilling the needs for advanced patient information such as imaging, IoT, and Genomics that drive medical progress in clinical trials and evaluation of treatments.

  • Data Driven for patients – We make decisions on data sourcing, quality, linking, consent, and provenance by analyzing which investments maximize  benefit to patients

  • Results Oriented – Real world data projects are difficult. We use a partnering process to identify success criteria early and to track it throughout phased projects including feasibility, pilot, analysis, and operations. We refine our systems, data, and tools through feedback loops to achieve continuous learning and improvement.

  • Research Led – Our team includes staff scientists, practicing MDs, subject matter advisors, and partners with scientific experience across a variety of medical and informatics disciplines. We combine input from our scientific advisors and client teams to extend data sets and study tools with sufficient components to achieve research aims.

Put Health Data to Work For Your Patients

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