Our Services

1) Data Provisioning

  • Translate data consumer market needs into opportunities for suppliers
  • Packages data provider capabilities into transparent feasibility tools, subscription services, and licensable data sets
  • Allows accelerated and simplified business development/contracting
  • Rapid learning cycles to optimize demand and supply

2) Technology Solutions

  • Access to software inside of health system, data cleansing & transformational tools and interfaces to pharma RWE tools
  • Allow for low IT footprints at health systems & rapid deployment of data assets & tools

3) Data Curation & Analytics

  • Provide curated outputs & downstream products (de-identification, link, cleanse, enrich, analyze data), and advanced analytic services
  • Allow extraction of key features and interpretation of data into meaningful insights & recommendations

4) Subject Matter Expertise

  • Offer its expertise in advanced data related business problems and solutions. Build model studies in partner data & expand to broader network
  • Allow for rapid feasibility analysis. Expand modeled studies into partner network