Episode 12: How IBM and Graticule are linking up in rare diseases

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Julie Krommenhoek, Vice President of Global Sales for IBM Watson Health, and Dan Housman, CTO from Graticule, discuss how the two companies are collaborating. Drawing on her extensive background in pharma research and real-world data, Julie shares how a partnering approach can solve the hard problems rare disease focused therapeutics companies face due to the limited volumes of patients they can track with RWD. The discussion explores a joint vision for creating and deploying algorithms to identify undiagnosed patients to support clinical trial recruitment or digital diagnostics to increase access to precision therapies. The podcast also explores how leveraging privacy preserving linking can extend claims data with other advanced patient data such as radiology, pathology, PROs, and genetic testing. These linked data sets can enable researchers even when analyzing small populations to generate necessary evidence to measure the value of new therapeutics on medical costs, outcomes, and patient experience in rare cohorts. [Read more]

Episode 10: NTT DATA’s VNA tech can scale radiology real world research

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In this podcast Mitchell Goldburgh, Global Solutions Leader at NTT DATA Services, and Dan Housman, CTO at Graticule discuss NTT’s Advocate AI service and how their solution can efficiently and effectively address the challenges of aggregating data from multiple healthcare sites into a data cooperative — accelerating insights utilizing previously untapped resources (for example, medical images, and associated reports). [Read more]

Episode 9: How Novo Nordisk and UNC Health are using N3C resources to accelerate research on COVID-19 and metabolic disease

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In this podcast Novo Nordisk researcher Dr. Kajsa Kvist and Dr. John Buse from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Health) discuss how and why Novo Nordisk became an early participant of the National COVID-19 Collaborative (N3C), as a tool to study the pandemic. The Novo Nordisk patient analytics team led by Dr. Kvist is studying how COVID-19 affects patients with diabetes to learn how their products can help infected patients. The collaborators discuss the working model they established to leverage the strengths of academic and industry partners through the N3C. [Read more]

Episode 7: Scope of Real-world Data in Clinical Trials

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In this podcast, Dan Housman and Craig Lipset discuss innovative and alternative approaches where Real World Data approaches are becoming increasingly integrated into clinical trials. They explore the increasing opportunity to electronically source real world data for clinical trials including integrating patient voices into consent and feedback of results. Craig shares a vision of how these new approaches can enable improvements that can lead to both better patient satisfaction and more efficient clinical research as a result. [Read more]

Episode 6: Scope of Real-world Data in Drug Repositioning

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The N3C provides a unique resource for commercial organizations seeking to execute COVID-19 related research. In this podcast Dan Housman interviewed Joy Alamgir from ARI Science, an early adopter from a commercial research group having executed one of the first approved Data Use Requests. The conversation explores their decision to use N3C as a platform to study the real world performance of marketed drugs they have identified for repurposing for COVID-19. Joy provides insight into how his team learned about N3C, alternatives his team considered, the key benefits to his group, and ARI Science's early experience working with the enclave and data sets.[Read more]

Episode 5: In the Mood for Data

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In this podcast, Dan Housman and Giuliana Kotikela, Co-Founder and CEO of ChiKeey, a fashionable and functional wearable device discuss the utility of real-time biometrics and advanced real-world data and analytics to assess and analyze emotional wellness. Chikeey’s solution utilizes unique indicators to proactively identify potentially significant changes in mental health where individuals may benefit from earlier intervention either via support or therapies. With this perspective we will discuss future applications to support the next generation of clinical research and patient care via remote monitoring. [Read more]

Episode 4: Insights from N3C : New RWD Initiative

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In this podcast, Melissa Haendel, Director at CD2H and Christopher Chute Co-Director at CD2H discuss the key goals of the N3C initiative and its unique value proposition. The podcast provides insights into how this collaborative effort brings together experts with knowledge, skills, and experience to address this urgent public health issue. The podcast outlines the scope, opportunities, and challenges of N3C association with the commercial groups such as pharma & med-devices. It also touches upon the various roadblocks faced by the team in their journey so far. [Read more]

Episode 3: The Next Generation of Establishing Therapeutic Value

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Advanced real-world data including clinical notes, imaging, consumer data, and remote monitoring are redefining therapeutic value in modern reimbursement and prescribing dialogs. In the latest episode of Graticule’s Novel Cohorts Podcast Ömer Saka, Real-World Evidence Leader at PwC Switzerland and Dan Housman, CTO & Co- founder at Graticule, Inc. explore the emergence of a new generation of therapeutic value research. [Read more]