Episode 6: Scope of Real-world Data in Drug Repositioning

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The N3C provides a unique resource for commercial organizations seeking to execute COVID-19 related research. In this podcast Dan Housman interviewed Joy Alamgir from ARI Science, an early adopter from a commercial research group having executed one of the first approved Data Use Requests. The conversation explores their decision to use N3C as a platform to study the real world performance of marketed drugs they have identified for repurposing for COVID-19. Joy provides insight into how his team learned about N3C, alternatives his team considered, the key benefits to his group, and ARI Science's early experience working with the enclave and data sets.[Read more]

Episode 4: Insights from N3C : New RWD Initiative

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In this podcast, Melissa Haendel, Director at CD2H and Christopher Chute Co-Director at CD2H discuss the key goals of the N3C initiative and its unique value proposition. The podcast provides insights into how this collaborative effort brings together experts with knowledge, skills, and experience to address this urgent public health issue. The podcast outlines the scope, opportunities, and challenges of N3C association with the commercial groups such as pharma & med-devices. It also touches upon the various roadblocks faced by the team in their journey so far. [Read more]