Graticule and Medexprim announce their partnership to support global Real World Evidence (RWE) initiatives, federating US + EU radiology technology and data networks.

November 28, 2019 (Newton, MA – Toulouse, France) – US-based Graticule and France based Medexprim announced a partnership today to provide a federated global network to power complex RWE (Real World Evidence) studies. The two companies have established complementary infrastructure and relationships with health systems and health technology vendors to support research on deidentified radiology data combined with longitudinal health records. Jointly Graticule and Medexprim provide Life Sciences and AI technology clients with a global solution to advance medical research and development across multiple types of projects including HEOR (Health Economics and Outcomes Research), epidemiology, biomarker discovery, feasibility studies, clinical trial recruitment, and AI powered diagnostics.

Imaging data offers significant analytics opportunities beyond traditional deidentified administrative data. Medical imaging provides a wealth of unmined information because radiologists can only directly review a small fraction of the detailed series of images. Many patients struggle with undiagnosed disorders navigating diagnostic odysseys for years before their physicians determine they have a specific treatable disease. Building machine learning models from radiology data on cases and controls allows uninterpreted details from images and radiology reports to be automatically detected and scored for new uses. These models can be translated into practice to scan real time and historical imaging studies to provide benefits such as identifying cases eligible for clinical trials, to prompt follow-up to prescribe appropriate medications to patients, and to quantitatively track how diseases are progressing during treatment.

To make new tools available for use in clinical decision making requires development and regulatory validation in a variety of settings, imaging platforms, and care delivery models. This complexity is compounded when datasets are needed on a global scale, which is increasingly a requirement. For example when RWE datasets are used to gain regional regulatory market access approvals. This complexity is the foundation for the Graticule and Medexprim alliance.

The two companies have worked in US and EU to secure rights to access and use targeted datasets with processes that respect region-specific data privacy rules including implementing processes to handle local consent and data sovereignty regulations. The companies have combined software packages and engineering expertise to establish a portfolio of technologies including NLP, data enrichment technologies, de-identification, encryption, and traceability to enrich health system sites participating in sponsored research.

Medexprim will be featuring the partnership solutions at the Radiological Society of North America’s annual congress (RSNA 2019) in Chicago, Ill, December 1st – December 5th at their booth 11313B — located in the AI Showcase – Level 2, close to the AI theater.

Graticule provides advisory services to life sciences clients seeking to design and source data for advanced RWE projects. Graticule has established the Graticule Research Network through relationships with US health systems seeking to participate in sponsored research studies that leverage imaging data. Graticule produces a data subscription product, GLIMPS (Graticule Life Image Machine Processed Set), which offers a directory to identify radiology studies available for extraction as raw image sets for analytical projects.

Medexprim Suite™ is an interoperable software platform which provides dedicated tools for advanced patients selection, automatic extraction, specific pseudonymization/ de-identification, enrichment, validation, tracing and secured routing of larges datasets (DICOM images + related contextual data & reports).

“With the exponential growth of imaging biomarkers and machine learning in radiology, we want to be able to provide our life sciences customers with a global solution as soon as possible” says Dan Poscover, CEO of Graticule. “Medexprim’s growing worldwide installed base, historic EU presence, and tools in the Medexprim Suite™ accelerate our solution roadmap by 3 years.”

“Graticule’s expertise and relationships with large pharma R&D processes and teams constitute a very tangible accelerator to our data brokerage activities. With this partnership, we will expand from our traditional Artificial Intelligence projects in medical imaging, to pharma and medtech projects,” says Karine Seymour, Medexprim CEO. “We look forward to enhancing Graticule’s capabilities to onboard US health systems, by deploying our Medexprim Suite™.” adds Nicolas Dubost, CSO.

The combined offering from Graticule and Medexprim allows Life Sciences researchers to swiftly access RWE datasets constituted from a variety of global sources (EU, US) and systems (Existing private or public datasets, as well as new RWE datasets extracted from PACS, EMR, RIS, LIS), extract corresponding reports and imaging exams, curate and pseudonymize the results. The cleansed contextualized data can then be accessed by data scientists and other researchers interested in finding correlations between imaging features and other phenotypes and/or genotypes, as well as developing training data sets for machine learning algorithms.

About Graticule 

Graticule provides data subscriptions and on-demand data collaborations to pharma clients to unlock the value in advanced real world data such as imaging, genomics, and free text notes. Graticule provides extensions to technologies with mature adoption within health systems to eliminate IT overhead and to accelerate the data collaboration process. Graticule is focused on curating data resources and applications for Neurology, Cardiology, Oncology and Rare Diseases. Uses of Graticule data by life sciences clients include machine learning model development, biomarker development, clinical trial recruitment, and identification of undiagnosed patients.  For more information, visit Graticule at

About Medexprim

Medexprim ( is a software editor and integrator, and provides IT and Consulting Solutions & Services.   With a growing global installed base, Medexprim  supports healthcare providers in the efficient and secure exploitation of their imaging exams and associated data, for research and big data projects. Medexprim helps them leveraging these resources in external collaborations, with a tailored contractual and technical framework, fostering collaboration between healthcare providers and life sciences clients.


Dan Poscover, CEO
Dan Housman, CTO

Karine Seymour, CEO
Nicolas Dubost, CCO